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Nexcoin is a social digital currency
that is use to exchange for value and payments

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What is Nexnaira?

Nexnaira is a social network where you can connect and benefit from investments through mutual funding. Every account on Nexnaira is valuable and can be exchanged for cash payment.

Nexnaira is designed to bring people together in a mutual beneficiary community using Nexcoin. Nexcoin is a digital currency use for making exchange for value and payments. Nexcoin is saved securely in the Nex wallet and can be used to make investments and transactions. Our business capitalizes on people and we pay for the value they bring to the community.

Who we are?

Nexnaira is social platform for young investors developed by Nexcoin Global Alliance Limited, registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria.

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  • +234 812 135 6966


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Your account information is private and not stored in public domain.


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Our customer support team are dedicated to help with any assistant.


Instant Exchange

Authorize exchange in a click, make bids to approving Nexcoin investment.


Trade Referrals

Leverage people for bank transfer payment, withdraw as low as NGN1,000.

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